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Council approved
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Supervision of works within the tree protection zone

Arborlab's council approved, qualified works Arborists can provide compliance monitoring for resource consents and works within the root zone. Utilising proven processes and proprietary software, we ensure accurate collation of data and provide fast, real-time reporting. This creates an auditable trail of compliance evidence.

Bio security compliance

Arborlab have created a series of hygiene protocols and work methods to ensure those working within protected work zones are compliant with DED and KDB bio-security requirements.

Arborlab are equipped with the necessary cleaning and sterilising equipment and solutions to prevent the spread of disease, including Kauri Dieback and Dutch Elm Disease.

Specialist rootzone works

Arborlab's robust processes enable you to undertake works within the rootzone without detrimental effects.

Data Capture

Our monitoring team are equipped with the skills and technology to efficiently capture a wide range of data, made available in real-time.

This creates an auditable trail which demonstrates project conditions have been met.

Training and inductions

Arborlab has a broad pallet of training and induction tools and presentations, which we can tailor to your specific consent conditions. Training programmes can be undertaken in conjunction with organisational tool boxes, and include videos and key information that provides critical resource and reference for those in attendance.

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