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Picus sonic tomograph


Trimble Technology

Innovative technology & process

Our processes, combined with our technology platform, including our proprietary “Gate Keeper” software App, allow us to clearly understand the requirements for our customer and stakeholders.
Our technology delivers live web-based reporting, providing an efficient and cost-effective way to transfer accurate information to the users, and allow the behavior to be modified instantly.

Data Collection

Picus sonic tomograph

The PiCUS Sonic Tomograph is used in tree risk assessments to measure the thickness of the residual wall of trees with internal defects, such as cavities or decay non-invasive. Most often the PiCUS sonic tomograms are recorded near the ground level of trees. However, acoustic tomograms also reveal important safety information about the breaking risk near branch wounds and above ground cavities.

Asset validation

Trimble GIS Technology

Trimble provides an accurate position collection of point and shape data. A predetermined data dictionary can be loaded, which allows drop downs menus to improve the accuracy of inputs and efficiency.


Our team at Arborlab is familiar with Greenspace and infrastructure assets; we have been trusted with numerous asset data collection and validation projects.

Cost Effective

Aborlab have a highly skilled and competent team with tested systems and processes to ensure we can deliver a high quality service for our clients.

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With over 20 years experience our consulting team specialise in Arboriculture, Ecology and Green space asset management and sustainability