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Expert analytical approach

Accurate auditing with real-time reporting encourages good contractor behavior and ensures quality outcomes are achieved. Arborlab's ecologists can assess your ecological contractors' effectiveness in the field.

Data and analytical services

We have robust processes to assess any inspection project and work with stakeholders to develop a tailor-made solution that delivers the right outcomes.


We create customised collection forms to ensure data collection is as efficient as possible. We use the latest hardware and software tools to get the job done as quickly as possible. These tools include drop-down menus, mapping of data collection route, duplication of records, date stamped images and records with a stepped process to ensure consistency of completed data.


By creating customised forms and bespoke processes using the latest IT tools, accuracy is assured. All records capture GPS coordinates on multiple platforms, such as tablets and mobile devices. Photos are a must and enable cross checks.



Gatekeeper includes a customisable dashboard. Contractor performance is colour coded so that service delivery areas requiring attention can be easily identified. Non-compliant behaviours can also be easily assessed visually and traced to individuals, informing training plans and performance reviews.


Live web-based, customised reporting against agreed performance measures for multiple suppliers can be accessed by multiple users. Customised user log-ins allows Gatekeeper information to be matched to user profiles.


Gatekeeper modules can be configured to meet your specific requirements. At the centre of the tool is the Actions module, which ensures all compliance actions are recorded, communicated and tracked. Additionally, Gatekeeper includes management reports that can be tailored for all levels of the business.

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