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Nation Wide

Arborlab’s Tree Consultancy service currently have projects in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and Queenstown. Technology, processes and systems allows us to work wherever our clients need us.

Solutions Based

We recognise that each project is unique and can tailor a solution to suit our client. Our Tree Consultancy specialists work with our clients to achieve project outcomes while maintaining a high delivery standard.


Highly Qualified

Our team of arboriculture consultants hold qualifications in all aspects of tree management from practical arboriculture, local government processes to complex risk analysis and assessment.

Latest Technology

We use mobile asset capture and GIS applications to accurately capture information and present it to our clients in a meaningful way. The information can be used to solve any issues highlighted quickly and efficiently

We have Approved Arborist for Council Project

Our Auckland Arborist, Wellington Arborist & Christchurch Arborist are available to help you Nation Wide. We are approved by Council Arborist Nation Wide.

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Arboriculture Assessment


Resource Consents

We assess development proposals against operative and proposed district plans and determine the effects of the tree root zones and tree health.


Tree Protection and Site Management Plans

We provide tree and vegetation protection methodologies to ensure there are no detrimental effects to tree health caused by development activities.


Health and Condition Assessments

If you are concerned about the health and condition of your tree our Arborists can assess the tree and provide a management programme for you.

Risk Assessment


Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA)

The Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA) system applies established and accepted risk management principles to tree safety management.


Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ)

This qualification promotes the safety of people and property by providing a standardised and systematic process for assessing tree risk. The results of a tree risk assessment can provide tree owners and risk managers with the information to make informed decisions to enhance tree benefits, health and longevity.


Tree Management Plans

Using the results of our risk assessments we can provide an ongoing tree maintenance plan enabling you to meet your duty of care and engage with qualified tree maintenance contractors to undertake the work.

Need a Council Tree Consent? WE CAN HELP

Our Auckland Arborist, Wellington Arborist & Christchurch Arborist are available to help you Nation Wide with any Council Tree Report or Tree Consent.

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Specialist Tools

Accurate Data Capture

We use the latest data capture technology to record information and GIS tools in the office to pass information to clients, so that they can use the accurate data to achieve their project goals.


Arborlab have developed in-house software to allow all facets of work to be captured accurately and reported in real time to our clients. This information can be customised in a dashboard to suit the clients needs.

Real Time Reporting

The real time application provides cost and time savings to the client allowing the Arborist to understand the clients needs and project outcomes.

Urban Forestry


Arborlab will work with the owners and managers of large tree populations to create strategic goals for their tree asset. These will align  with other aims and plans of the organisation.

Tree Policies

Once a strategic direction has been set and agreed upon we can work with you to create a series of policies that will achieve your aims and goals.


Tree Management Plans

Arborlab can create tree by tree management plans to implement the policies to ensure the strategic goals are met.

Specialist Advice

Contract and Tender Evaluation

Arborlab can help large tree asset owners to create contracts and tender documents to ensure their tree maintenance work is carried out to the highest standards for the best value.

Expert Witness

Our experienced and knowledgeable Arborists can provide expert advice in hearings and court in a professional and independent manner.


Arborlab can undertake post tree work audits to ensure work has been carried to highest standards and in line with industry best practice. Arborlab have developed a bespoke piece of software enabling auditing to be carried out in real time via a live web based portal. This allows data to be presented in a meaningful dashboard.


Data Collection

Data Collectors

The processes and systems are detailed and comprehensively documented.  This ensures that all data collectors are consistently trained and the quality of the data is high. This includes site and task specific health and safety requirements to ensure data collectors operate safely.


Customised collection forms can be created with efficient tools such as drop down menus, mapping of data collection route, duplication of records, date stamped images and records with a stepped process to ensure consistency of completed data.



All records capture accurate GPS coordinates on  multiple platforms such as a tablet or mobile device.



Sonic Tomograph

The PiCUS Sonic Tomograph is used for tree risk assessments in order to measure the thickness of the residual wall of trees with internal defects such as cavities or decay non-invasively. Most often the PiCUS sonic tomograms are recorded near ground level of trees. However,  acoustic tomograms also reveal important safety information about the breaking risk near branch wounds and above ground cavities.

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