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Cornwall Park – Asset & Risk Assesment

Cornwall Park – Asset & Risk Assessment


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The Challenge

As part of a wider project for Cornwall Park Aborlab were engaged to capture and undertake a risk assessment of all trees within Cornwall Park. Arborlab worked closely with Cornwall Park to add additional information that will be potentially useful. These suggestions were based upon recent data capture projects that have been undertaken and experience of how the data is used by the asset owner to make informed decisions on the future of that asset. It is our strong belief that there should be a considerable emphasis on the risk and how the asset will be managed moving forward.

The Solution

Arborlab captured the trees within Cornwall Park using bespoke software and hardware that created  XY co-ordinates and tailored the data in-line with the brief. Extra fields and data can be collected at minimal cost due to the use of efficient software technologies with preloaded drop down menus and duplicate record options. The efficient software system allows the Arborist to focus on their key skill which is evaluating the tree and the risk.

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