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Queenstown Lake District Council Road Network Survey

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The Challenge

Queenstown Lake District Council has a substantial road network expanding 609km that is heavily utilised by locals and tourists alike. The road network has a variety of vegetation and trees located within the berm and adjacent properties that have a potential to affect the safe operation of the road. QLDC needed to understand the risks and have a way to develop a budget and prioritise the maintenance.

The Solution

As a working partner for QLDC Arborlab designed a survey and risk model based on international best practise and documented the protocol and process. Once the approval process was completed Arborlab surveyed the road network capturing 3000 trees – Catergorising the trees using Quatified Tree Risk Assesment (QTRA). Arborlab developed a budget based on risk and assisted QLDC to apply for funding. As the trees were captured on survey software which gives GPS locations this allowed the data to be utilised to create work programmes and be audited.

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