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Consent Compliance

Arborlab can provide specialised monitoring and supervision works Arborist to ensure all reporting and consent  conditions are met


Arborlab Works Arborist runs training and Inductions on methodology, best practice and how to understand resource consents  for works within the root zone

Experienced Team

Arborlab have the largest Works Arborist monitoring  team in  New Zealand. Robust internal processes & training ensure latest methods and technologies are utilised

Real Time Reporting

Arborlab utilises a bespoke system to accurately track all Arborist works during monitoring and supervision activities to ensure stream-line reporting

Need a Council Tree Consent? WE CAN HELP

Our Auckland Arborist, Wellington Arborist & Christchurch Arborist are available to help you Nation Wide with any Council Tree Report or Tree Consent.

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Monitoring and Supervision

Arboriculture monitoring and supervision – Qualified works Arborist approved by Council to provide compliance monitoring for resource consents and works within the root zone.

Specialised Tools and Equipment

Robust processes to undertake works within the rootzone – Arborlab utilises latest tools and equipment to efficiently and effectively undertake the desired works in a timely matter to ensure project outcomes are achieved and compliant.


Bio Security

Arborlab have created flash cards & hand outs of what is required when working within the protected zones of both the NZ Kauri Die Back and Dutch Elm disease. Arborlab are also equipped with the necessary cleaning and sterilising equipment and solutions to ensure all equipment and tools and cleaned to prevent the spread of the diseases.

We have Approved Arborist for Council Project

Our Auckland Arborist, Wellington Arborist & Christchurch Arborist are available to help you Nation Wide. We are approved by Council Arborist Nation Wide.

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Cost Effective

Real-Time Records – Arborlab have created a bespoke live web based software system allowing all records including data capture, site visits, monitoring records, audits and completion inspections to ensure accurate information can be recorded and reported in an accurate and cost effective manner.

Data Capture

The monitoring team are equipped with the skills and technology to capture a wide range of data that can be collected efficiently and be available in real-time.

Training and Inductions

Inductions – Arborlab have created an array of training and induction presentations that can also be tailored to be project or consent specific. The training can be undertaken in conjunction with organisational tool boxes and include videos and key information that is clear and concisely presented.

Training and Inductions

Arborlab can provide onsite or internal training sessions to ensure consent conditions and the tree processes are understood

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