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Our Customers Choose Us For:

Our Specialist tree service advice with cutting edge technology, tools and devices

Our consulting arborist’s are available nation wide specialising in tree reports, tree consents tree management

Tree consultancy experts with arborist and ecologist available nation wide with over 20 years experience.


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Tree Service

Arborlabs Consulting Arborist’s Specialise in data capture with expert solutions allowing us to collect information accurately and efficiently in real time using GPS and web based technology

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Expert Arborist

Our monitoring arborist’s are available nation wide and our tree experts offer specialised monitoring & supervision ensuring all consent conditions are met

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Tree Specialist

Arborlab’s Tree Consultancy specialists work with our clients to achieve project outcomes while maintaining a high delivery standard. We are experts in our field

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Our Arboricultural consultancy specialise in tree protection and assessments, tree risk and health, tree management plans, tree reports and tree consents

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New Zealand’s Trusted Arboriculture Consultancy Service

Arborlab is a New Zealand owned and operated business that has been providing a range of environmental consultancy services (Arboriculture Service, Arborist Monitoring and Supervision, Ecology & Greenspace Management) for over 20 years. We have Council approved Arborists available Nation Wide, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch

Transparency Through Real Time Reporting

Time billed to our customers is recorded and reported on a real time basis through our proprietary software. We make sure our customers derive the best value for their money when they use our services.

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Real Time Reporting
Health, Safety, Environment & Quality

Health, Safety, Environment & Quality

Pre approved and inducted for the majority of large construction companies, Councils and CCO’S.


NZ Owned And Operated

Our team of Professionals have the knowledge and expertise essential for successful delivery of any Arboricultural, Ecological or Greenspace management project. Our head office is in Auckland but services clients throughout New Zealand

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Talk to our team of specialists

AKL 09 379 3302  |  WLG 04 384 5117  |  CHC 03 768 6623